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 About Me


A true DIY'er at heart, I began making cakes for my first son's birthday.  I got good - real good - word spread around town and soon I was taking orders.  It wasn't enough to make great looking cakes I wanted them to be the best tasting, too.  After many test recipes, I'm proud of my flavor line up and my ability to carve sculpted cakes with a cake sponge that still delivers on exceptional texture and flavor and not just utility.  


I've had families with me for YEARS have baked and created for all of their life events (cookies, cakes, cupcakes and sugar art).  I took a break for awhile and am BACK AT IT!!  I look forward to building those relationships in my new home sweet home; The Great State of Texas!

The Homemade Difference 

It's important that your "edible art" TASTE just as good as it looks!  Everything is made to order fresh from scratch: cake, delicious marshmallow fondant, gum paste, ganache, fillings and buttercream. The art you see here takes time. LOTS of time.  Operating under full compliance with Texas Cottage Law, the home baker's kitchen allows for slowing down for perfection, taking time for personalization and customization and delivering a superior product. You need to WOW your guests with presentation AND taste???  

You're in the right place.... I can do that!  


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